The Cue Awards

The Genius Choice Vote!

Genius Choice Vote

And you thought we forgot about you Soundtrack-geniuses.  Didn’t you?  Well, here’s your chance to vote in each Cue Award category and let us know what composer and which soundtrack you think should win! (The official Cue Award winners have already been determined, so don’t think you are going to sway us with your voting-voodoo!)  This is just for all you geniuses out there who want to chime in.

Voting couldn’t be simpler…or any more fun…as we are using a brand new tool for voting.  (It is actually still in beta, so forgive the odd glitch here are there.)  Overall, we think you’ll enjoy the voting experience more than ever.

We’re certain all the votes are being collected properly, so no worries there!

Speaking of “votes,”  you only get to vote ONCE, BUT you can come back and amend your vote at any time.  Voting will close at 11:59 PM ET on 2/22.  So vote and amend all you like ‘til then.  Once the clock strikes Midnight all votes will be final.

Two different links for you:

1) Go here if you are on laptop or desktop

2) Go here if you are on a mobile device.

So get in there and have some genius-fun!

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